The cutting edge of transporation technology

All Truck values technology. We believe in an open and transparent process and understand the value of instant access to information. Which is why we are fully invested in cutting edge technology-enabled traceability and accountabilty so you have access to your shipping information on demand. Our internal software development team continually seeks out new ways to improve the customer experience and harmonize ways of working. At All Truck we value your business and want your shipping experience to be as seamless as possible.

Electronic Logging Devices

All Truck utilizes Trimble Transportation (Peopelnet) onboard logging devices in all our trucks. We are fully compliant with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. These devices streamline our workflow with automated vehicle location alerts, timely trip updates, and two-way communication between drivers and dispatch. With All Truck, you can rest assured your business is moving in the right direction.

asset Tracking

The National Insurance Crime Bureau estimates cargo theft to be a $15-35 billion dollar problem annually. With All Truck you have point-to-point asset tracking for your freight. We utilize self-powered LV-100 asset trackers on all our trailers so you have complete visibility with 24/7 on demand access to real-time freight information.

technology tailored for your business

All Truck provides end to end visibility through our Transportation Management System (TMS) and we provide full Electronic Data Interface (EDI) connectivity. Our customer portal delivers a tailored user-friendly experience where companies can drive value and impact across their business with access to key metrics and related insights with complete visibility into all interactions with All Truck. Our internal software development team is also available for a more tailored experience based on your specific needs.

The Connected Driver

All company drivers are provided Verizon Samsung tablets. This allows the driver to better serve our customers digitially capturing freight documents, performing yard checks, etc. and All Truck to better serve our drivers with enhanced employee engagement like field announcements, 24/7 access to professional development and their employee portal, safety documentation, email, and two way communication with dispatch. All Truck believes the workplace should be a place you feel connected to which is why we are proud of the steps we have taken to cultivate an inclusive environment people want to come into and stay part of.

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