Culture and Values

What Does Company Culture Really Mean?

Company culture is the personality of the company. Who you are, what you stand for and how you operate. It is your character - your actions and reactions. What you do when no one is looking. The way you communicate and the tone of your words. The way you treat employees and clients alike.

Employee Engagement

When people are treated well, they have a sense of purpose within a company. In today's multi-generational workforce, it is important employees feel recognized. They need to feel valued, and equally important - they need to feel they are being treated fairly. A person who feels valued will always do more than what is expected. At All Truck, we strive every day to recognize the achievements and milestones of our employees and let them know their work is valued and appreciated by their peers.

A company's culture is a vital part of its identity. Investing in a welcoming team culture will always serve as a magnet to attract and retain top talent. The workplace should be a place you feel connected to which is why we are proud of the steps we have taken to cultivate an environment people want to come into and stay part of.

Stronger Together

Deb and Anna

I’ve worked at All Truck for 8 years and my daughter Anna has worked here for 2 years. The one thing we can both say is we love the family-like atmosphere and great working relationships we’ve developed with the amazing people on our team. It makes coming to work a joy instead of a chore.

Leadership and mentorship

Ray and Kyle

People here are pretty good. The team I work with is good. It’s a good company so much so I decided to bring my son on board. We enjoy working together. My son Kyle started one week out of high school and has been doing an amazing job. He says he likes working with the mechanics of the truck and learning from his father. I wish I came here years ago after working at other shops.

We believe in listening to our employees and being transparent in everything we do. We believe in open communication, authenticity, and have an open door management policy. Here at All Truck, you're family and we want every employee to feel at home when at work.

From appreciation brunches and festivities to recognizing everyday successes in the workplace, All Truck is committed to a rich and rewarding employee experience. We believe that if a company values its employees and treats them like they make a difference, they will. They are the builders of our business and our most valuable asset.

Continuing A legacy

Tom and Tim

I started as a driver over 35 years ago. My father was one of the original drivers. In 2017, my son Tim joined All Truck as the third generation and is proud to help keep this country running as a Key Account Manager. If I had to pick one thing that impresses me the most about All Truck, it's the character of the company. I have been a recipient and have personally witnessed, All Truck going out of their way to help employees and their families on a personal level. That speaks volumes to me.

Consumate Professional


I’ve been a diesel tech for 6 years and this is my first job working for a family owned business and definitely enjoy the lack of “corporate culture” at All Truck. Coworkers can make or break a job and I have good coworkers. I came from a night shift and working days at All Truck have really helped me have a personal life. I like the flexibility in scheduling. I like the atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place to wrench, All Truck offers a lot of opportunity to learn and grow.

Our strong emphasis on employee satisfaction and recognition has led to high employee retention with even some of the next generation opting to follow in their parent's footsteps. Over a third of our company drivers have worked for us for at least ten years and it's not hard to see why. Our greatest competetive advantage has and always will be our amazing workforce, our great team working spirit, and the ability of every employee to grow and develop on their terms.

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