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Our mission is to be the number one local and regional dedicated truckload carrier in the Midwestern United States. Our main priority is to offer our customers customizable transportation solutions that will improve operating efficiency and increase their bottom line while offering the highest level of service.

In Pursuit of Excellence

Since its founding, All Truck has successfully built a vast presence in the transportation industry with an impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity, and superior customer service. Since its humble beginnings, it has grown from a single truck operation to a vast enterprise servicing the midwest region with partnership agreements extending coverage nationally. Our first customer is still a customer and our loyal client base and dedicated employees continue to be our best ambassadors.

A large part of this success has been attributed to the company's philosophical approach to business. Our drivers are home every night and an inclusive collaborative work environment has fostered a unified company culture. Furthermore, strong emphasis on employee satisfaction and a healthy work/life balance have led to high employee retention with even some of the next generation eager to follow in their parent's footsteps.

Coming out of the deregulation era of the late 1970s, All Truck first positioned itself servicing intermodal transportation needs before expanding into the paper industry and beyond. A little business savvy combined with strong business accumen fueled expansive growth and a success that has continued into the new milennia under the tutelage of President Nino Alagna with All Truck securing an annual growth rate of 15% since it's inception.

All Truck remains committed to the ideal of providing the best possible service at a reasonable rate. And we believe if a company takes better care of its employees, they will provide better service to you leading to more satisfied customers and overall success. We utilize cutting edge technologies and advancements in the industry to stay ahead of a constantly changing regulatory landscape and will never compromise the safety of our associates or the public for economic gain. We have assets and capacity of a large carrier, but with a family feel and we remain dedicated to our ideal.

We got our bones and built our business around the paper and packaging industries with high volume, short lead time, and rigorous delivery timetables. Through word of mouth rather than a huge sales force, we were able to expand our presence with our first customer still a customer to this day. This initial success fueled diversification into other industries leading to an average annual company growth rate of 15%.

Mathew J. Alagna Jr.

Founder and CEO

Nino Alagna


Michael L. Malusa, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Tom Beyer

Vice President

Mathew J. Alagna Jr.

Founder and CEO

Mathew J Alagna Jr. has over 50 years experience in the transportation industry. He has served in the United States Army and United States Army Reserves and was a reserve/part-time law enforcement officer for 18+ years in two Chicagoland suburban municipalities. As a young adult, he worked for his family business Trailer Leasing Company. In 1978, he decided it was time to venture out on his own seizing an opportunity to build a business on his own terms. He founded MJ Trucking, an exempt interstate carrier and then went on to purchase the All Truck Transportation intrastate authority allowing hauling of intrastate freight and servicing point-to-point manfacturing needs within Illinois securing high profile accounts in the paper, plastic, aluminum, and metal container industries. In 1980, All Truck Transportation absorbed MJ Trucking and continued to expand based on a solid reputation and growing loyal customer base.

In 1998, Mathew started Emjay Equipment Sales and Leasing providing leasing and sale of semi-trailers and tractors. Mr. Alagna has been a member of the YPO and WPO Organizations for the past 40 years. Throughout the 1990’s he worked his way up from secretary to chairman within The Illinois Trucking Association and was appointed The American Trucking Association's State Vice President representing Illinois.

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From a technology standpoint, All Truck provides everything a large carrier has to offer but with a small company feel and a personal touch. From our industry leading tracking technology to our custom-tailored reporting solutions, we can provide what you need when you need it. Our white glove service ensures you are never a number from a customer standpoint.

Our team of dedicated professionals are on hand ready to deliver the highest standard of service. Over a third of our company drivers have worked for us for over 10 years and have been outstanding as front line ambassadors helping us maintain our business relationships with a friendly smile and familiar face. Our office and shop professionals diligently work behind the scenes to keep our fleet and services running smooth.

The right equipment for the right job

late model single and double axle day cab tractors configured with 45'/48'/53' van trailer options

45'/48'/53' flatbed trailers configured based on freight and individual shipping needs

Spotter tractors and dedicated hourly service for moving freight around your facilities

53' wedge trailers and other tailored solutions to meet you business needs

Looking ahead, All Truck is excited with the latest emerging technologies, the evolving industry, and the move to more environmentally friendly solutions. We remain committed to being proactive vs reactive which has defined our industry leading approach to business. With All Truck you can rest assured we will keep your business moving in the right direction.

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